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Aptar Beauty + Home, the pick of the innovations presented at the LUXE PACK MONACO 2017 trade fair!

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Aptar Beauty + Home, worldwide leader in fragrance and facial skin care packaging delivery systems (sprays, aerosols, pump bottles, etc.) supports brands throughout the project process from design to creation, drawing on its accurate knowledge of trends and new consumer habits.

This unique know-how enables it to offer innovations that are always guided by a sensory dimension.

Each of the company’s innovations reinvents an application ritual and puts forward avant-garde technologies: from Note, the reinvented timeless application technique, chosen by Flowerbomb to customise its perfume, to Clarins Double Serum’s complete customisation.

New experiences and new application rituals, Aptar Beauty + Home opens the door to its expert laboratory...

Aptar Beauty + Home reinvents the art of applying perfume 
« Frag-Clouding », « Frescanizing », « Swaporizing » : Aptar Beauty + Home has observed the thousand and one ways of applying perfume around the world (Brazil, China, France, Saudi Arabia, etc.) and compiled these everyday yet not insignificant rituals into the « Codex des Gestuelles », an unprecedented repertory that is now being enriched with new words, along with an English version available online as of 2 October. This glamorous, offbeat glossary beautifully enhances the art of applying perfume through poetic neologisms that offer an intelligent, sometimes mischievous description of the ways in which we feel and experience perfume. The “Codex des gestuelles” is aimed at novices and enthusiasts alike, in short anyone who is looking to learn about the perfuming ritual experience via photos, videos and lexical contents.

Perfume as a handwritten message coating the skin
To provide a unique sensory journey, Aptar Beauty + Home develops a diversified product offering for its clients – from the most traditional to the most sensory sprays and alternative application methods – bespoke solutions to enrich and bring a new sense of enchantment to the perfuming experience.

The latest example to date is frAgrAnce mAster, which renews the perfuming experience through an application that will appeal to both connoisseurs and millennials in search of fun innovations. At a mere push , this elegant «perfume pen» delivers a dose for instant distribution and traces its fragrance trail on the skin. The application is quick, controlled and highly sensory, and the object travel-friendly, innovative and precise: perfect for application to pulse points, to which it is recommended to add fragrance to create a lingering trail. A new perfume ritual with a calligraphic sensory feel...

Fragrance Master, is: 

  • A perfume pen born of Skin Master technology.
  • Specific applicator options: quill, drop, brush, etc.
  • A wide choice of customised features for the design.
  • A practical format, a discreet application method.

Aptar Beauty + Home Boosts Bespoke cosmetics
Today, your skin feels tight, last week it was shiny and who knows what it holds in store for you tomorrow or in a month’s time? A fact that has not escaped the notice of cosmetics laboratories, an increasing number of which are creating 100% customised formulas after getting their customers to complete an extremely comprehensive questionnaire on their skin, health, needs and lifestyle.
This diagnosis is sometimes supplemented by more in-depth analyses to measure moisture levels in the epidermis, the depth of wrinkles, the presence of redness, etc. The end result is a unique formula, a dream that has become reality.

Developed by Aptar, the new neomix experience offers brands the possibility of personalising their skincare formula or foundation by adding a booster presented in the form of a cartridge.

Simply choose your booster depending on your needs (radiance, nutrition, firmness, shine control, etc.) to create a new, bespoke product, perfectly tailored to each skin type, at one click. Ergonomic, design-forward, feminine and practical, Neomix can be endlessly customised : Aptar offers multiple options for adapting this innovation to each project.

Neomix is:

  • An elegant duo packaging with an 80-20 formula ratio (240μl + 70μl) for skincare and a 70-30 (150μl + 70μl) for make-up.
  • An independent cartridge for endless formula combinations.
  • An intelligent pump to dispense a fresh formula and mix it at the last minute.
  • No formula residue left in the pump.
  • A technological platform enabling a customised design.

In parallel, Aptar is meeting the needs of women looking for a bare-skin effect foundation.

One whose colour perfectly matches their skin tone while remaining undetectable, with a lightweight finish that seamlessly evens out skin tone to give a natural glow.
This extraordinary foundation formula exists but its ultra-fluid texture makes it difficult to apply, hence the idea of an alternative application method named Star drop, boasting a new-generation valve capable of releasing just the right amount of product for a tailor-made dose. Precise, ergonomic and intuitive, STAR DROP guarantees controlled, hygienic and waste-free application.


  • An alternative application method to the dropper. 
  • A made-to-measure, controlled, drop-by-drop dose. 
  • A compact format perfect for beauty touch-ups at any time.
  • A supple tube bottle featuring a cut-off valve.
  • A transparent pipette for precise application.

Endless variations 

EvoClassic allows you to upgrade classic product ranges to more premium packs thanks to aluminium metal rings available in different designs and colours (straight or tiered, in gold or silver, shiny or matte) with new pumps with more rounded curves (available in white or black and colour on request).

Perfect for creating endless variations of face care and make-up products..

Aptar Beauty + Home offers a new Digital experience with visual recognition
Aptar is establishing itself in the digital sector, in an exclusive partnership with the start-up MyPack Connect, particularly through « imAgin connecteD », an ultra-flat and resistant spray allowing brands to enjoy 4.0 sampling.
By simply scanning the connected sample with their smartphone via Messenger, consumers have access to a platform of content on the world of the product being launched and can even buy it. In return, « imAgin connecteD » allows the brand to establish a relationship with consumers and track the effectiveness of its sampling campaigns (geolocation, statistics according to places/distribution chains, purchase conversion percentage, etc.).
This innovation is not limited to Imagin; all Aptar samples are now connected.

A connected sample is:

  • A product that links the online experience with offline retail.
  • A new medium for brands.
  • A solution for measuring the effectiveness of sampling campaigns.
  • A quick and easy service for the consumer who today incorporates mobile into their purchase behaviour.

Aptar Beauty + Home makes its expert mark in the airless sector
Leader on the airless systems market, Aptar uncompromisingly combines innovation, safety and design. The aim of offering perfectly secure containers, avant-garde and original packaging remains a priority for the company. In light of the growing demand for on-the-go products, Aptar has created TWIN SET, a smart & compact solution designed for travel. TWIN SET offers the possibility of assembling your two favourite formulas, interlocking its two bottles like Lego, for «two-in-one» packaging that is easy to carry with you wherever you go.


  • The 15-ml micro airless technology in the service of a travel-friendly, mix & match design.
  • A star « snap and unsnap » function to endlessly create clever duos.
  • A «sustainable development» packaging solution, perfect for appealing to millennials: 100% plastic components.
  • A smart duo at an irresistible price due to its easy filling – TOP FILLING – and quick assembly.

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