Beautyworld Middle East Nominates Aptar's All-Over-Spray Pump for their “Innovative Packaging of the Year” Award

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Aptar's All-Over-Spray pump was a finalist in Beautyworld Middle East's “Innovative Packaging of the Year” category. The All-Over-Spray is an aerosol designed with a continuous air spray providing consumers with a generous spray application, which makes it an ideal solution for both hair and body care products, featuring a sleek, premium design.

The spray pump stands out for its key features, including a bespoke 360º spray and dosage, an unbreakable metal bottle, and 100% compressed air press on the aluminum bag-on-valve filled with fragrance for a progressive and continuous diffusion that's environmentally friendly.

At Aptar we'd like to thank Beautyworld Middle East for their consideration and congratulate the winners of the 2022 edition!

Beautyworld Middle East Recognizes Apatars All-Over-Spray pump for their “Innovative Packaging of the Year” Award

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