Aptar Beauty + Home Extends Its Masstige Fragrance Spray Collection

Global leader in dispensing systems, Aptar Beauty + Home has expanded the production of its renowned fragrance pump range for the masstige fragrance market to address trends and consumer demand.

Essencia, enriched by new variations, is a versatile spray collection that addresses consumer demands for premiumization and sustainability. This elegant range is available on a global scale, with manufacturing and customization facilities in Europe, but also in the Americas and Asia to ensure optimal lead times, agility and scalability.

According to Xavier Joseph, Vice President, Global Marketing and Innovation, Aptar Beauty + Home: “The masstige market has its own specificities. Fragrance brands in this segment need accessible, more sustainable solutions with premium aesthetics. Essencia is inspired by prestige contemporary codes, driven by sustainability and empowered by best-in-class technical and design expertise. A robust industrial footprint allows us to deliver this essential solution to brands around the world.”

Essencia perfectly matches brands’ desires to add enhanced premium cues to their fragrance collection. Multiple variations are available to satisfy all consumers’ wishes, from a sensual long-lasting spray to on-the-go fragrance packaging.

Aptar’s spray technology creates an authentic sensory experience, with a choice of dosages of 70, 100 or 130 µl per stroke, delivered in the brand’s chosen spray pattern. Essencia’s elegant design and refined finishing is adaptable to any brand image – tailored solutions can be created with custom features and decoration on the collar, actuator and cap.

Besides the Classic spray, four other fragrance spray pump variations are available:

Essencia Bloom
Generous diffusion for a mist of essential elegance. Bloom provides a soft, wide, continuous spray, three times longer than the Classic, for an exuberant fragrance experience.

Essencia Screw
Adapted for refuse and refill, optimized for in-store or at-home refilling. An inner plastic ring ensures a pleasant and silent unscrewing gesture. At the end of its life, the pump can be recycled together with the glass bottle for ease of recycling.

Essencia SLP (Super Low Profile)
A small, discreet spray. SLP’s low profile enhances subtle fragrance packaging designs.

Essencia On-the-Go
A portable essential. Designed for 10 and 15 ml bottles, this slim, elegant fragrance pump is the perfect companion for on-the-go fragrance packaging. (coming soon)

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