The Vogue Collection

  • Fusion Packaging

True to its name, Vogue is the definition of style. Chic, modern and airless, this package is ideal for both skincare and color cosmetics. The square bottle features a double-walled design and airless dispensing system to protect formula integrity. Available in 15 ml, 30 ml and 50 ml capacity with 0.23 ml output, the equal-sided design provides ample decorating space for brand-tailored options like custom color injections, sprays, vacuum metallization, silkscreen and hot stamping. The acrylic outer bottle and ABS overcap give this bottle a modern edge, while the polypropylene inner bottle makes it highly compatible for most product formulations. Put your formula on display with Vogue. 

  • Marco Borruso
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  • Created 24 Jun 2015
  • Modified 24 Apr 2019
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