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Aptar Beauty + Home Launches Go2Lab to Drive Faster Packaging Innovation Development

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Go2 Lab is Aptar Beauty + Home’s newest innovation center in North America. The facility was created to foster faster packaging innovation development all in one place.

Go2Lab offers a variety of on-site services to accelerate product development and innovation. These services include sampling, lab testing, custom design and development, working prototypes, as well as tooling and molding. Brands can partner with Aptar to conceptualize through workshops and ideation sessions with our seasoned industry experts ready to guide them in the process.

Go2Lab Development: Less than 6 weeks

Traditional Development: Up to 16 weeks

“The launch of this facility is pioneering the way in finding faster packaging solutions to address innovation needs driven by consumer trends,” says Laura Estebanez, President, Beauty + Home, North America, “traditionally, launching products to market has lead times that can be as far out as six months. Our services help brand partners reduce those lead times to weeks with the accessibility of our 3D printing and prototyping capabilities, lab services, and fast tooling. This will allow products to get to market faster.“

Aptar is focused on driving a constant innovation stream that improves the everyday life of consumers around the world. Our B2B2C approach (Business to Business to Consumer) leverages both Customer and Consumer insights to drive an enhanced user experience for both standard and custom packaging.

From Design to Delivery

  1. Design It
  2. See It
  3. Try It
  4. Test It

“The competition on shelf has intensified, particularly as we return post-COVID, and just like we see in the sports world, in business, ‘speed matters’. The ability to test-and-scale and release innovations in their minimally viable state are new capabilities that we bring with our Go2Lab. This more agile process provides the opportunity for iterations, giving our customers the chance to test with consumers before massive scaling. Our customers experience significantly lower investment risk and faster overall time to market”, says Amy Hartzell, Vice President & General Manager, Aptar Beauty + Home, North America.

The Go2Lab is located in Trumbull, Connecticut.

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