Aptar's Future Pump recognized by two European packaging Awards

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Future, Aptar's fully-recyclable and mono-material pump has been recognized in two European packaging awards.

Aptar's newest sustainable pump is a finalist in the Product Technology Innovation category of Plastics Recycling Awards Europe and the E-commerce category of the Packaging Europe Sustainability Awards.

Aptars Future Pump recognized by two European packaging Awards

Fully-Recyclable & E-Commerce-Capable Dispensing Pump

Future is an award-winning, innovative dispensing solution that is mono-material and fully recyclable when paired with a PE or PET bottle.

It is e-commerce capable thanks to its incorporated locking/unlocking ring, and features  a 360° degree, free spinning actuator which helps minimize potential breakage in transit.

Future is suitable for a range of viscosities, customizable with two dosage options and two neck size options, and is available in a variety of colors thanks to it’s unique, three-part design.

Formula Type: broad range of viscosities

Dosage Options: 1.5 cc, 2 cc

Neck Finishes: 24/410, 28/400, 28/410

Production Ready: EMEA, NA

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