Star Drop: Aptar redefines foundation

Star Drop is a game-changer!

To create the perfect foundation, one that is ultra-fluid and lightweight but easy to use, Aptar has designed an alternative application method, named Star Drop. This innovative bottle has a new- generation valve capable of releasing just the right amount of product drop by drop for a tailor-made dose. Precise, ergonomic and intuitive, it guarantees controlled, hygienic and waste-free application.

Its pipette holds two patents: the first for its cut-off base that avoids squirts and the second the tip, designed to form a beautiful drop. Compact and travel- friendly, Star Drop is also environmentally responsible: as it can be unscrewed, the dispenser is reusable, while the bottle – stamped with the PP logo – is recyclable.

A packaging solution approved by make-up artist Fred Farrugia

Fred Farrugia is not only one of the greatest French make-up artists, he is also one of those keen to continuously reinvent make-up and innovate to ensure that the product, packaging and application are designed in perfect symbiosis.

Not surprising then that the Star Drop concept appealed to him: “Foundation make-up needs to reveal, not hide”, he explained. “And to better respect facial features without overloading them, ideally, we should be using highly fluid formulas… which are generally very difficult to apply. That’s the beauty of the Star Drop solution, which helps consumers easily dispense their product and apply it, without smudging or using too much”.

The make-up artist also appreciated being able to build his make-up to go from a nude effect to a result with more coverage to obtain the desired look. “When I was introduced to Star Drop”, he concludes, I immediately fell for the product and wanted to make it mine by developing a formula that would mean I could use the packaging dispenser every day in photo shoots. During a shoot, I don’t have to wonder whether it will suit this or that model. Star Dop has become my go-to foundation and has all the hallmarks of a must-have’.

The ultimate in foundation perfection

Aptar Beauty + Home, world leader in the fragrance and cosmetics dispensing solution sector (sprays, aerosols, pump bottles, etc.), is now revolutionising foundation packaging with Star Drop, the only packaging dispenser on the market with a valve that delivers a highly-accurate dose.

Natural, bright, even... foundation has become a key universal concern, one that is tricky for consumers who often feel lost in the jungle of offers and are disappointed by the products they try.

Now that the enthusiasm for BB creams and tinted moisturisers is declining, foundation is back in the cosmetic limelight, but must now fall into line with the promises made by its challengers: lightness and ease of application, with efficient and imperceptible coverage to boot.

The sinews of the foundation war? Colour, which must perfectly blend with skin tone, and texture, which must ensure a buildable finish, evening skin tone without making you feel like you’re wearing make-up and providing a natural glow and the famous ‘bare skin look’.

To do this, brands are working on ultra- fluid formulas combining transparency, gentleness and brightness without highlighting flaws.

Downside: these very liquid products run, spread and are proving to be difficult to dose. Users are tired of wasting product and ending up with too much or too little foundation on their fingers or brush when they applying their make-up.In addition, they often want to do touch- ups during the day, and this product type does not lend itself easily to this.

Labosphère laboratories and Fred Farrugia at the formula’s core

Labosphère – a cosmetic formulation research and development laboratory – and Aptar Beauty’s innovation unit have been collaborating for over eight years now. In particular, the work done by the two teams has included compiling a databank on the issue of container- content interactions and dispensing system compatibility. It was thus only natural for Aptar to turn to its historical partner when it came time to offer Star Drop as a Full Service to provide guidance for young brands.

The challenge for Labosphère and Fred Farrugia was to develop a buildable texture that was fresh and fluid on application but without a drying effect. Depending on how thickly the product is applied to the skin, this smart foundation covers dark circles and redness without the need for other concealers and leaves a very natural ‘baby glow’ effect.

Thanks to this unique formula designed for Star Drop by Fred Farrugia, Aptar can offer a turnkey service, in partnership with the Labosphère laboratories,“Its texture is in total symbiosis with the dropper, and it has become a go-to for me. No more brushes, no more powder, no more concealer, just Star Drop”, confided the make-up artist.

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